Tears In Rain Gallery

A virtual gallery to
spread art in the metaverse.

A lot of things are happening in the forever evolving world of art. A new era arises as technology makes possible things that were not possible a few years before. Tears in Rain Gallery is a virtual gallery in the metaverse built to redefine how we experience art. Our team of curators create monthly event showcasing a broad selection of styles and genres. The gallery is also available to rent.


Currently exhibited

Do you have a project in mind? Contact us and let us know your ideas, if you need special inquiries we're happy to help. We also offer event streaming production services and dedicated tweaks to the building if necessary.

The Tears in Rain gallery is open 24/7. Pricing varies from your needs and the time you're going to need it. More details here.

Email: hello@tearsinrain.gallery
Twitter: @TIRGallery