Tears In Rain Gallery

Step up your game with
a ready-to-go gallery in the metaverse.

Tears in Rain Gallery

Rent a full gallery just for the time you need

Metaverse is usually a rather unknown place for most of us, usually taking a bit of learning to build and create engagement. We offer a ready-to-go, good-looking and easy to manage gallery so you can rent it just for your event. It may be one hour or one month.

Be part of the digital revolution in an open metaverse

Tears in Rain Gallery offers a unique scenario in an open metaverse (Voxels) to showcase your work or run events. It does not require any technical skills, we provide a simple and ready to use management tool so you can fully edit all the details of the gallery.

A clean, minimal and professional venue in Voxels designed to enhance your artwork

Located in 29 Leukothea street in Helios island, Tears in Rain is a four floor gallery with more than 4.500 square meters designed to showcase up to 120 different artworks with a rooftop and giant screens to stream your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does renting the gallery cost?

Time Price € Price $XTZ Price $ETH Price $BTC
1 hour 50€ 30 XTZ 0.04 ETH 0.002 BTC
1 day 100€ 60 XTZ 0.08 ETH 0.004 BTC
1 week 300€ 180 XTZ 0.24 ETH 0.012 BTC
1 month 600€ 360 XTZ 0.48 ETH 0.024 BTC

For any other periods of time or other inquiry please contact us.

We collaborate on a regular basis with non-profit or social projects, if you want to use Tears in Rain Gallery for these kind of event, we have free spots every three months for such actions.

What do I need to rent the gallery?

Nothing. Renting the gallery is a simple process and all it takes is you or your team setting up the artwork in Prado, our content management system for the gallery. We recommend you create your avatar in voxels.com and customise it so it's recognizable for your event.

For how long can I rent the gallery?

We offer renting periods from 1 hour to 1 month. If you need something different or a dedicated quote please contact us.

How can I manage the content of the gallery?

All the content of the gallery (artwork, music, twitch stream source, etc) can be easily modified using Prado, our dedicated website application to handle all the content in the gallery. Once you rent a parcel you will get access to change all the content.

Can I restrict the entrance to my event?

Yes. Voxels allows a method to restrict the entrance to a certain parcel to the owners of an specific NFT. Anonymous visits will be all locked.

Is there any way I can preserve the gallery for future visits?

Yes. This is a very interesting feature that Tears in Rain Gallery offers, we create a snapshot of the gallery when you're all set (all artwork and content in place) and create a voxels space with that content that is preserved forever. The content of the space is also manageable through Prado, our dedicated application for managing gallery media. The cost of this service is 50€/month.

What is Voxels (formerly Cryptovoxels)?

Voxels is a virtual world and metaverse, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Players can customize their avatar and build on their plot of land. Voxels is not the only open metaverse available, but we believe is the more aligned to the thriving scene of digital art. It's unique style made out of voxels and an underground/alternative aura has made it a true home for all kind of artistic events.

Am I added to the parcel as a collaborator?

No. As a tenant renting the gallery, you can edit all necessary elements to customise the content, but the building itself can not be edited.

What happens after the renting period is finished?

Once the renting period has ended, the content of the gallery will be set back to a default state, which will vary in time.

Do you have a project in mind? Contact us and let us know your ideas, if you need special inquiries we're happy to help. We also offer event streaming production services and dedicated tweaks to the building if necessary.

The Tears in Rain gallery is open 24/7. Pricing varies from your needs and the time you're going to need it.

Email: hello@tearsinrain.gallery
Twitter: @TIRGallery