Tears In Rain Gallery

Abstract Issues
1-16 September 2022

futr. artists Alejandro Javaloyas, Backwards Geometry, Dust B. and ODD JOBS take over Tears In Rain Gallery in an attempt to display a selection of works that prove that the digital post-abstract movement is currently pushing the boundaries of what we understood as traditional abstraction, expanding its boundaries with the sharp edge of the pixel and the radiation of the LED.

Ground level, curated by Alejandro Javaloyas
Digitality as a reaction against action painting and gestural abstraction

1st floor, curated by Backwards Geometry
Decolonization as a reaction against the Western-dominated paradigm

2nd floor, curated by Dust Bunny
Post abstract figuration as a reaction against the abandonment of representation

Rooftop, curated by 0DD J0BS
Gender diversity as a reaction against the heteronormative-male dominance.

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